Results of research among Oostwold inhabitants are released!

On Februari 2nd, a group of Communication students of the Hanzehogeschool in Groningen have presented the results of their research. This research was conducted in november in Oostwold. They have gone door to door and asked as many households as possible about their knowledge of the Zonnewal-project and their opinion on the matter.

The spectacular conclusion they could draw is that not a single person asked, indicated not to be enthusiastic about the project. On the contrary: of the 67 respondents, 53 were familiar with the project and were enthusiastic about it (79%!). 13 people indicated that they would need a little more information to form their opinion. Of course, in the next few months, we will do just that.

Response to the research

Given the number of households in Oostwold, a response of 67 people is relatively high. These are the households where, at the moment the research was conducted, someone was home and willing to answer a short survey of five questions. So, this survey provides enough data to draw reprentative results. Almost anywhere where someone was home, the person at the door took part in the survey. We are thankful that you took the time to participate in this and even more happy about the remarkably positive results.


These good results are on par with the positive reactions we got at the information evening in the Gaveborg in march 2016. This overwhelming support is strenghthens our conviction that the Zonnewal will offer something beautiful for everyone in the village: from sustainable energy production, highway noise reduction or the fact that attractive walk-, bike- and bridleways will be built – the Zonnewal makes living in Oostwold even more attractive than before.

The survey results (research questions and outcome) can be downloaded here: uitkomsten onderzoek Oostwold november 2016

We would like to thank Frank Westerveld, Maaike Wouda, Marc Boonstra, Fyline Weijermars en Daphne van Grevenhof for their hard work. Not only have they conducted this research, but they also devised a communications plan and some other stuff that you will see very shortly!

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