Zonnewal selected by Province as one of the energy-neutral villages!

Yesterday, we received the wonderful news that the Groningen Province has selected Oostwold and its Zonnewal Project as one of the energy-neutral “example villages”.

The Province gave 27 local projects the opportunity to present their project and be given the chance to call themselves “example village”.

On behalf of the Zonnewal Project Group, Kees, Sip, Geartsje and Jannie have given a presentation in the Provinciehuis on November 28th, 2016. Yesterday, the Province announced that not five, but a total of six projects have been selected – and the Zonnewal in Oostwold is one of them!

What does this mean for us?

Not only does this mean that we have the Province’s support for the Zonnewal, but also their active support in making it happen. The Province strives to make the energy production 100% sustainable by 2050 (and by doing so, make Groningen the first energy-neutral province in The Netherlands). To achieve this goal, the Province will actively support local initiatives that improve sustainability in order to increase the speed of the energy transition.

The programma energietransitie 2016-2019 (energy transition program 2016-2019, Dutch) is meant to play an important part by appointing six projects as ‘pilot projects’. The Province offers their network of experts in order to make realising these projects easier and to be able to use them as a ‘blueprint’ for other, future projects.

You can image that building the Zonnewal is a vast and complex project and the Province’s help is very welkcome.

The Province’s plans are explained in the video below (in Dutch)

More information can be found here:

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