What the Zonnewal (“solar wall”) will look like physically, you can read here. The operation of the Zonnewal will be in the hands of the Energie Coöperatie Oostwold (Energy Cooperation Oostwold).

Energie Coöperatie Oostwold (ECO)

The inhabitants of Oostwold will be the cooperative owner and operator of the PV-installation by becoming a member of the ECO. The solar energy installation will be connected to the power grid near the Multifunctioneel Centrum Oostwold (Multifunctional Center Oostwold), “De Gaveborg”.

When the Zonnewal is being built, we well inform Oostwold about membership and how to apply, in order to obtain electricity that is generated by the Zonnewal.

We are also looking into the possibility of offering power free of charge near the Gaveborg in terms of charging e-bikes and electric cars while they are shopping in the Gaveborg or using any of its many other facilities.

Another thing that is still under development is the possibility of connecting the Gaveborg itself to the PV-installation.

Main ECO guidelines

  • The ECO will be the (preferrably sole) owner of the installation and will run maintenaice and operation.
  • ECO will become a member of the Groninger Energiekoepel GrEK
  • ECO will sign a contract with energy company Energie VanOns
  • Purchase of / investment in the entire installation and connection to the power grid with use of a loan and of possible, a grant/subsidy
  • ECO members will be provided electricity and gas by Energie VanOns (with a commission for the ECO)
  • The ECO business case shall be based on national regulations for stimulation of generating sustainable energy: the Regeling Verlaagd Tarief (‘postcoderoosregeling’) and/or Subsidieregeling Duurzame Energie (SDE+)
  • Any profits shall be invested in furthering the sustainability in Oostwold

Many other features and options are currently being developed.

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